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the next five minutes

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It’s another one of those times when things actually start to look like Ballard’s “next five minutes.” In some cases, exactly like it. They’re putting up riot fences around the giant Westfield shopping mall today in West London….(via here). Elsewhere, the other night, there was this:

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August 8, 2011 at 1:30 pm

topshop preemptive measures?

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Hmmm… Walked down to Oxford Street tonight to see if anything was going on with the riots. See the above. Despite the fact that the police were roving the streets in their meatwagons, and according to twitter the shit might have been about to hit the fan, our favourite high street shop decided to arrange a healthy selection of designer bags right in front of the front door. 

As I was leaving 30 minutes later, I saw the security guards – and as the cops were pulling off to other calls as apparently the all-clear had been sounded – kicking the bags away from  the front door. With their feet – supposedly highclass merchandise was being kicked back from the strange position near the entrance by the selfsame guys pictured above.

SO… what’s the deal, I wonder? My best guess, given the situation and the precedent, that the bags might well have been there to be taken – and perhaps loaded with some sort of bank-type dye pack? Or something else? Was just odd….

Anyway, something perhaps to think about – or beware of – if one is thinking about entering one of these high-street shops, as it were, after hours….

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August 8, 2011 at 1:58 am

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