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Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory:

The whole problem that occupies us comes from the fact that we imagine perception to be a kind of photographic view of things, taken from a fixed point by that special apparatus which is called an organ of perception – a photograph which would then be developed in the brain matter by some unknown chemical and psychical process of elaboration. But is it not obvious that the photograph, if photograph there be, is already taken, already developed in the very heart of things and at all the points of space?

The knowing non-surprise that comes of seeing this sort of thing, but still of course always a trace of shock. The fashion shoot was planned, no doubt, with nearly as much rigor as the demonstrations themselves – planned to capitalize, quite literally, on what seemed to be a nearly sudden outbreak of contingency in the heart of the metropolis. But no doubt, like the cops, the editorial staff too was watching the twitter feeds, setting up dummy facebook accounts to know what was happening and when and where.

(Image from a Vice Magazine fashion spread set at the recent London demonstrations.

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January 19, 2011 at 12:30 am

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  1. bad photoshop as counterrevolutionary propaganda.

    this also brings to mind the notion of ‘irony’ that has transmuted into pseudo-irony, where the pose of irony serves as a cover for actually-felt emotion. in this case, “your revolution is as vapid as a fashion show — ‘just kidding’…”

    all of these variations on longstanding Vice tropes of reactionary nonsense, very thinly hidden behind a veil of slumming privilege.


    January 19, 2011 at 7:36 am

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