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1968 toujours

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In the context of numerous student occupations of their universities
and mass demonstrations, the seminar Marxism in Culture has organised
a special session on 17th December at the Insitute of Historical
Research, Senate House, 5.30. All welcome.

‘Cultures of Occupation and Demonstration: 2010/1968/1917’

Warren Carter
Gail Day
Steve Edwards
Esther Leslie
David Mabb
Nina Power
Alberto Toscano.

As far as I understood it, MIC had invited some of the actual students to speak at this event… I guess the invitation has been rescinded. Apparently, instead, the students who’ve led the most successful student occupation / demonstration in decades are supposed to show up and listen to their olders and betters lecture to them about 1968. Can’t wait, I’m sure…

Update: Sorted. See the comments. Was an oversight, apparently, on the part of the organizers. Can’t wait to hear the students speak in a different context. The new roster, as far as I know it:


Sofie Buckland

Warren Carter

Steve Edwards

Esther Leslie

David Mabb

Alberto Toscano

and other Students from the Occupations.

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