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book. done. done?

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OK. So technically done with the book, as of just now. Sort of. Nine straight days of writing, 9 am to 10 pm. Why do these things never end? I’ll probably want to readjust the conclusion, which I really should expand into a proper epilogue, and I have some notes on changes to the beginning. And then there’s the copy-editting (thanks again tireless Mrs Ads!) and comments from a colleague to metabolize.

You have no idea what a fucking exorcism it would be to get this thing under contract. I’ve barely tried to sell it, have only sent it to a tiny selection of places most of which, I’ve since learned, aren’t in the practice of publishing “first books.” But now I basically have to sell it. Have been working on it since 2001, although there’s material in there, even still, that was written as early as 1999. And many of the things that I write about I started writing about circa 1997 or so. It concludes with a chapter centered on a text that my wife copied for me from special collections (ah, life pre-Amazon) for my twentieth birthday. So before you give me a hard time about tardiness – well first of all get in line. Secondly remember that since I started this book I have moved house six times, I’ve lived in four different places (2 US states and 1 different country), I’ve had three academic appointments at three very different universities (one elite US school, one decent state school in the US, one elite UK school), I’ve had two children and at least two nervous breakdowns. At least.

The current thinking is that whatever the nervous breakdowns were ostensibly about, they were ultimately and truly about this book.

World might end, soonish, but I am too tired to care. Good night and good luck, readers. Save up to buy my book – it’ll cost, if it works, 20 times more than IT’s or Owen’s, and sell 20 times fewer copies. If I’m lucky. It’s certainly 20 times more boring, but on the other hand it contains, what, fifteen years or so of work within it. Ah academia! You are what you are! You cost what you cost and pay what you pay!

Pray for everything to go smoothly, because I am so definitely looking at a pre-40 heart attack that it’s not funny…. Partly my own fault, but only partly…. Will be in at work tomorrow, again, all day – marking papers, answering email, prepping a lecture on the whole of fiction post 1945 (they wrote some? who? maybe I’ll just talk about DFW for an hour – the kids wouldnt’t be disappointed….), and reading a PhD whose defense I get to play along with telephonically on Monday. At night, because someone else on the panel doesn’t as a rule get up before noon. Geezus. Gay guys have all the luck…. and sleep!

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November 15, 2009 at 2:01 am

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