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Oh man, I bricked my fucking eee. I had Mac OS X up and running on the damn thing this morning. The only niggle was that I could get it to wake up from sleeping – which is sort of a big issue, as it takes about eight minutes to boot the machine under Mac OS. So I found a fix online, flashed the BIOS, which didn’t fix the sleep problem but did screw up the screen size such that you could see neither the top nor bottom menus and there weren’t any other options available for screen resolution. Efforts to remedy ensued, efforts that only made things way, way worse.

So now my little constructivist tool-friend is a piece of fried plastic and silicon. It basically can’t load from anything, has nothing but foolishness on its flashdrive. I’ve tried pretty much everything at this point, and basically can recognize that I’m swiftly sinking into a hole of broken BIOS, a hole from which there’s no escape.

My wife thinks this is a ploy to be allowed to buy a MacBook Air. Maybe. But know what? I hate computers. All around. From databases to facebook, from godforsaken twitter to spreadsheets, I hate them and all that they do and honestly believe that the world was a better place when it was all newsprint, cheap pens, and spiral notebooks.

With semi-broken computer an unattractive option to use today, I hauled out a hipdork moleskine notebook and some printouts of what I’ve been working on. I spent a few hours of actual productivity – rare this week – that way. Hmmm….

Pollian? Interested in a little recovery project? After all, erm, you suggested that I… well…. No, that’s not fair, is it?

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July 3, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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