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saturday morning report: homo economicus

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I manage myself just as we all have been managed for the past decade, more than the past decade. Struggling with disequilibrium and underperformance, I offer myself yet another promise of soft reform – a renewed investment in rational organization, transparency and efficiency.

Instead of a superego, I have a blue-ribbon panel of Chicago School economists. Instead of an ego, I have an idealistic head of state who has long-since worked out the fact another world isn’t possible. Instead of an id, I have a dysfunctional market mechanism, taking profit just before the bonuses for the season are decided.

And Saturday mornings are when they let the numbers out. Heads shake, eyes roll, pundits yelp for reform until someone takes the podium to deliver the requisite talking points. We have a plan that we believe will restore confidence in our failing…

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May 9, 2009 at 10:13 am

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