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Dropping UK money, pounds and pence, on a bar or handing it nicely to a newsagent, it’s like a roll of a dice, a flip of a coin, what it looks like to me in the act of doing so.

Half the time, but decreasingly, I am spending one of the great currencies of the world – one which if it is not the universal common denominator, the imperial stuff of drug deals and duty free, that my native currency is, still possesses pride of place and history, one of the four brands accepted everywhere and without question and the oldest of the bunch. It is Amex to the dollar’s Visa and the euro’s Mastercard.

The other half of the time, but increasingly, I am spending something somewhat comical, one of those oddly named monies in a place you pass through on the way to somewhere else, Malmö on the way to Copenhagen before the bridge. Trumped up Scandanavian stuff, I forgot they have a queen, no they do she’s on the money see, we should check if they have tours of the palace! Do you think they print their own stamps?

They never should have decimalized. LSD – librae, solidi, denarii. It’s a finger counting, divide by three or four sort of place. At least when you’re dealing with publicans and newsagents. Life would seem so much more lightrail and vittel if I could spend Euros. I’d behave better if I lived in real Europe.

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February 28, 2009 at 8:50 am

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