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the impoverishment of experience

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From a grimly funny post at Socialism and/or barbarism, this is from Adorno’s Negative Dialectics:

This law is however not one of thinking, but real. Whoever submits to dialectical discipline, must unquestionably pay with the bitter sacrifice of the qualitative polyvalence of experience. The impoverishment of experience through dialectics, which infuriates mainstream opinion, proves itself however to be entirely appropriate to the abstract monotony of the administered world. What is painful about it is the pain of such, raised to a concept.

Having woken early by dream jolt, and having read this passage again, I wondered just now what Adorno’s dreamlife was like, given the not unfamiliar pattern of feeling (or non-feeling) described above. I had no idea that the following existed when I asked Google my question of the morning, but at the low price of ₤6.75 (second-hand, shipping included) I’ll find out in a few days. The publisher’s webpage promises that “Brothel scenes, torture and executions figure prominently.”

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February 24, 2009 at 7:28 am

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  1. You may be disappointed, but perhaps not. I have this book. In one dream, Adorno is told in the USA that he is to be crucified, but that it won’t hurt as much if he takes pains, before being crucified, to do deep knee-bends and stretches.

    Imagine that: the Jesus Workout.


    April 4, 2009 at 10:15 am

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