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Well, I think it’s safe to report back that the Xmastide atmosphere back home is rather bleak. Really bleak. Parents’ friends come around and the discussion centers on kids out of work, kids of friends out of work, friends out of work, foreclosures, and the like. And there’s a guy who is constantly down in the common room watching tv, which is a bit strange, but the story is apparently that he who made his living, if that’s the way to put it, as a real estate flipper, but he’s flipped his last flip. Owns a penthouse and and other apartment on a lower floor, but the latter is in foreclosure, and he can’t make his cable bill and so he spends his days watching free tv downstairs. Right now I’m in the realm of the cushion (as in, “yeah, he’s been out of work for eighteen months, and figures he only has a three year cushion, so he’s starting to get really panicked”) but later this week I’ll be writing you (if there’s ‘net) from a rather different demographic context. My dad and I have moderately intense arguments about the auto industry bailout, and there are little placardy signs when you exit the shopping area parking lots urging you to call a certain number for a “Full area real estate guide / bank foreclosure map.”

Crumble crumble. It’s not fair, I know, to express vague, anticipatory anxiety when there are so many who have unvague, non-anctipatory things to worry about, but I have a wafting, complex feeling that there are or are about to be reasons for me to worry. It may be that I’m catching something from the discusive circle that I’m currently wrapped up in, or it may be something more external and perhaps real. I think it bothers me – and makes me fear the worst is so totally yet to come – when “competent” columnists and business writers start to call a bottom and/or predict improvement at the end of 2009 or beginning of 2010. It’s suddenly become a popular line of prognostication in the press. And it’s a worrying one on a few different levels.

Posts to come on driving, reading lists, subvocal/subconscious critico-theoretical vocabularies, the Mississippi River, Barnes and Noble, and the beach. Maybe. Posts to come on something, definitely.

Whatever. I need to relax. Zeitgeist-sensitive, am I and have always been. I mean in the bad way, or at least both ways.

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December 24, 2008 at 5:30 am

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