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smoke um if you got um

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From the Times (UK):

The film, she said, was kept locked in a safe during the election campaign so that it could not be used for political purposes. Some polls have suggested that his smoking habit was a bigger barrier to him getting elected than the colour of his skin.

Although Mr Obama was careful to avoid being photographed smoking on the campaign trail, he has acknowledged in recent interviews that despite promising to quit “there were times where I have fallen off the wagon”.

Hmmm… I’m not sure about the “bigger barrier” stuff. Americans, especially those who live on the coasts, are incredibly intolerant of smokers but they also like their celebrities to be flawed in some visible way. I’m trying to figure out whether it matters that it’s a black guy smoking in these pictures, but the fact that it’s a black guy dressed as he is in the photo probably would have caused an overdeterminate breakdown in the minds of those who might have cared (are those menthols? is it weed? is he an upper class douche?)

It’s a strange photo, though, isn’t it? Doesn’t get any more legible the longer you look.

Anyway, not kidding around either: it’s probably not the best time for Barack to quit. I’m sure he knows this already; and I’m sure in the back of his addiction-striped mind he’s thinking the same thing. There’s apparently no smoking in the White House, even the residential parts. But I’d venture to guess that, like me, he’ll pace in his back garden when it’s time for a little extra RPMage in the head or steeliness in the heart.

As a matter of fact, it’s not the best time for me to quit, either, so I won’t. Ah, all that heavy work on my inner portions may have just washed down the drain with the release of this. Definitely, definitely can’t go into the least bit of detail, except to say my little run of hyperblogging and nonblog graphomania may have today come to a jarringly unexpected end. Almost makes me think, if only for a second, that professionally I was better off where I was before – until I remember that things are absolutely fucked there too, even more so today than yesterday.

There’s nothing wrong, I suppose, with some healthy encouragement to get our work out. But my situation, which yesterday seemed so refreshingly sane compared to what it was in the USA, just became in selben Augenblick, all too familiarly stressful. We’ll see how things work out, but for now, yeah, back to work on the boring stuff.

So, off to have a cigarette or several. I’m sure I’ll keep blogging, maybe even at this insane pace – but if I do all of you should leave comments telling me to go work on my f’n monograph.

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December 18, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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