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“seek for seas / They never find”

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I have a post coming soon, a wee bit belatedly, on what I mean by “ads without products.” It’s only been 2.5 years – what’s the rush? (Problem is I’m still figuring it out myself…)

For now, here’s a bit that inverts the logic of the ad without products. It’s the fifth part of Wallace Stevens’s “Sunday Morning” and you should probably go read the whole thing….


Is there no change of death in paradise?
Does ripe fruit never fall? Or do the boughs
Hang always heavy in that perfect sky,
Unchanging, yet so like our perishing earth,
With rivers like our own that seek for seas
They never find, the same receding shores
That never touch with inarticulate pang?
Why set the pear upon those river banks
Or spice the shores with odors of the plum?
Alas, that they should wear our colors there,
The silken weavings of our afternoons,
And pick the strings of our insipid lutes!
Death is the mother of beauty, mystical,
Within whose burning bosom we devise
Our earthly mothers waiting, sleeplessly.

Well, it’s a semi-inversion anyway. Again, I’ll say more later, but for now: there you are at the end and everything’s dressed just as it was back before the end… The “mystical” is great just after he runs the “Alas” equation out without quite getting there. And the way that “silken weavings” picks up the peignoir from the start of the piece is too much, too wonderful.

Maybe it’s not such an inversion after all. More to come. Too bad I didn’t get to this one in my “single day” post

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September 14, 2008 at 10:41 pm


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Ah, this is fucking terrible…

David Foster Wallace, the novelist, essayist and humorist best known for his 1997 tome “Infinite Jest,” was found dead last night at his home in Claremont, according to the Claremont Police Department. He was 46.

I’m usually unsentimental about such things, but this is terrible, and is upsetting me a bit. Who knows about Infinite Jest, fuck it really, but the stuff in Brief Interviews and especially Oblivion is excellent, as good as anything out there, writer’s writing, and all the rest.

Who can know what was going on, but it’s not a superfun lifepath, this one, no matter whether it seems to be turning out well, badly, or – as it always does or seems to do – somewhere in between, tending toward badly.

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September 14, 2008 at 12:38 am

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