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odder than the rocks among which she sits

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(via voyou desoeuvre)

you need a close up don’t you?

“Set it for a moment beside one of those white Greek goddesses or beautiful women of antiquity, and how would they be troubled by this beauty, into which the soul with all its maladies has passed!”

You can get the link, if you’d like to see more, at VD’s site, linked above…

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April 15, 2008 at 11:02 pm

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back from vacation, illustrated

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(my vacation, as illustrated by photos found in today’s Evening Standard….) 

Well, I got lots of beachtime in during the last two weeks, and now have a bit of a tan. My wife says it make me look hot… Which is unusual, so there you go… 


Anyway, to take advantage of all the third-world deals on in the home country, we did some shopping, like all the other pasties who flew in on BA. I bought some stuff at Banana Republic, because I’m very posh, and had a stack of bonus gift cards from my old credit card. My wife bought a few things at some of the other stores in the mall…

The return flight wasn’t too bad, but we’d brought so much back that our original plan to take the train back into the city seemed less attractive once we actually made it to terminal 5. Oh, and there was (as usual) a problem with the trains today anyway. 

No matter, I’d saved so much on duty-free cigs and all my “nothing to declare” items, that a cab back to the house seemed very much the sort of affordable luxury that, well, one ought to gift to oneself now and again.

(sorry. I have absolutely no idea why I had to put you through that just now….)

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April 15, 2008 at 9:44 pm

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