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what’ll it be, ladies?

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One day soon, each and every after-seminar-out-for-a-drink with visiting journalists or petty-intelligensia or minor-major academics will be covered in one of the society broadsheets and/or sanctioned niche blogs.

Glancing around McSorley’s, he smiled. “This place hasn’t changed a bit.” He had left England for America in the 1970’s. “At the time, things over there were bleak, to say the least.”

Mr. Hitchens reached for his coat. “I’ve got to meet a friend,” he said. “Martin Amis, he’s flying in tonight.”

I snapped a picture of Mr. Hitchens on my cell phone. He picked up more than his share of the tab. “America’s been good to me,” he said.

Ah, well. Glad to hear on all fronts. And even better to hear CH has started picking up even a share of the tab when he’s out with the kids. Back in the day, etc etc etc…

(BTW – “what’ll it be, ladies” was what the period-piece waiter guy greeted me and my friend with during my first and last time at McSorley’s Olde New Yawk Adventure Ride with Little Tiny Beers and Sawdust on the Floor That They Buy In Bags From Home Depot. Not recommended, especially when there are good ink-stained places to go…)

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