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long time coming…

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…. but I’m not quite there yet. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Some of you who know me the flesh know that this has been at least a half-excused absence from the scene. But for the rest of you: wow, busy semester. Among other things, a big move – a really big one – is in the offing. Next couple of weeks. My books are in boxes – that always makes me nervous… and thrilled too. You’ll figure out where I’m headed once I start again on here. There’s been some writing too, and I’ll actually point you to some of that when it appears (though I won’t mention it’s me – you’ll just have to guess…) Even some blog-incubated material. There’s a certain sort of idea that I can only seem to work out on here, it seems. I like that sort of idea, and miss growing them this semester….

At any rate, thanks for not giving up on me and I’ll be back soon… Feels good even to type this in, so more to come I’m sure… And happy holidays if you’re so inclined….

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December 19, 2007 at 11:54 pm

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