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social democracy is the new right?

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Ignacio Ramonet in Le Monde Diplo: 

Another of [Sarkozy’s] amazing aspects was the intellectual ease with which he redrew the dividing lines between right and left. Analysts had wondered whether the lines had shifted under the impact of neo-liberal globalisation. Sarkozy settled the matter. The composition of his first government proves that the right now includes a large section of the Socialist party, especially its social-liberal wing, and confirms what we have known for some time: social democracy is the new right. The executive includes four leftwing members, Bernard Kouchner, Eric Besson, Jean-Pierre Jouyet and Martin Hirsch, and reflects a general shift to the right in French society, a strange development at a time of growing social hardship. Twelve years on from 1995, social strife remains a serious problem, jobs are ever less secure, and subcontracting, relocation and unemployment take a toll.


This defeat is decisive for the left. It marks the end of an era. The movement will have to be rebuilt on new foundations: a new socialism for the 21st century, as they say in Latin America.

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June 5, 2007 at 1:19 pm

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