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What a day. One horrendous thing at work (not horrendous for me per se… but horrendous in just that way that brings home minus abstraction and distance, all joking aside, what a shit place the world is), followed by a delightful moment of post-mla schadenfreude (my sector of the world seems a little more just and competent), but to top it all off……………


Oh lord do I love it. (What is it you ask? A reel of the faux media/design content developed by a firm called Foreign Office for Children of Men, of course…) Half the delight I take in the speculative genre comes of this sort of material. I don’t really love gizmos and the like, but neo-brands, speculative graphic design and media accouterments, yeah, that’s all me. Why? Um, see this blog. Have you noticed the title?

I especially love this sort of thing in a movie like Children of Men. Why bother advertising in a world in which there are no new consumers to capture, the market must have self-destructed decades ago, there really is no point to any of it anymore? But what the hell. You know they’d still be there, the ads… everywhere…

(Special note to the folks that made this stuff for Children of Men, if you happen to technorati by: Though it might seem at first glance that I am unlikely candidate for employment with your firm – as I’m not trained in design, I’m kind of an almost religiously-intense communist, I’m an English professor, I’m just post-30 so not really in the market for an internship or such like, I really do think it would be in your best interest to give me a call, and then a job for life. I would say goodbye to all that for the chance to tinker away at faux-ads, faux brand identities. I will learn to use photoshop. I will learn to edit videos. I will make videos of dogs wearing fur-lined jackets. I will even make real ads for nasty corporations, so long as I’m permitted, at least some of the time, to make up brand identity kits for fake corporations in dystopian movies. In short – and I’m not kidding – I’m pretty good at what I do now, fully employed and so forth, I have a phd from an internationally elite university in totally the wrong field to do this, but I will move * tomorrow to where you are and, well, be really intensely ready to make faux ads.

I mean, seriously, look at the f’ing name of my site. Born to do this.

Drop me an email.

* so long as you’re located in New York, London, Shanghai or any smaller city that’s ever been profiled in Wallpaper.)

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February 28, 2007 at 11:12 pm

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