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Bourgeois Realism

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Just in case you’re getting a bit too foamy-at-the-mouth over the recent recentering of the American political scene. From here:

Oddly enough, Schumer said, those ideas are based on his imaginary conversations with an imaginary couple named Joe and Eileen Bailey.

Typical middle-class Americans from Long Island, the Baileys make $75,000 a year and have three children. The Baileys apparently guide all of Schumer’s political thoughts and steer him clear of the kind of left-leaning rhetoric that causes Democrats trouble on Election Day. “The party that figures out how to reach the Baileys in our dramatically altered world will be the dominant party for a generation to come,” he writes.

To hear Schumer tell it, Joe and Eileen have been showing him the way for years. Referring to the three-term Republican incumbent he vanquished in 1998 to win his Senate seat, Schumer said, “I beat Al D’Amato talking to them.”

Good to have some honesty and clarity on this point. Schumer, generally considered a left-leaner on most issues and of course only in context, draws the constituency line at the $75,000 household income level.

The median US household income was $43,318 in 2003.

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