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So, seriously, did Condi Rice wear camouflage to her hearing before the senate foreign relations committee yesterday?

Wish I could find even better pictures for you. The one on the cover of today’s FT makes it shockingly clear. But a camo-based print certainly is a strange choice, no? Attire parapraxis? Subliminal hint? Acting out? Bald, sticker-on-the-SUV stupidity?

I wonder if it has anything to do with this, which I heard on the radio on the way home from campus Wednesday…

White House press secretary Tony Snow said Bush will try to shore up support for the war by raising hopes for victory and spelling out the consequences of defeat. The White House has sought to frame the Iraq debate as a choice between Bush’s plan and abject failure.

Snow conceded that Bush has a challenge in convincing a war-weary public.

“The president will not shape policy according to public opinion, but he does understand that it’s important to bring the public back to this war and restore public confidence and support for the mission,” Snow said.

The public has heard several previous campaigns by Bush to defend his Iraq policies and show that he is changing with changing circumstances. Since the war’s start in March 2003, there have been at least seven public-relations offensives by Bush on the war, with some of these speech series timed to milestone events and others to dips in polls.

Now, this is very strange talk for an employee of Bush Co., even given the turns that the polls have taken of late. The one thing that it is both easy to forget and essential not to forget is the fact that through every episode of this prolonged debacle, the administration has taken extraordinary steps to tease and/or force public opinion toward support of its policy decisions. It has been incredibly successful in doing so. To the great shame of this country, each and every major action has had the support of a majority of Americans, from the war on down.

But now, with his base gone, and even the once comatosely compliant congressional republicans sniping away, we hear from the press secretary that public opinion is irrelevant, and while, sure, it’d be great if the voters came along on the next leg of the trip, there will be no Rovian / Luntzian mindfucking marketing campaign this time around.

One wonders what’s next. I guess this time we won’t get the elaborate doubletalking rollout that we’ve become accustomed to. But if anything’s more worrisome that the terrifying coupling of an administration that never stops selling and a public willing to buy just about anything, it’s the intimation that perhaps the White House has decided it has no more reason to sell…

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January 12, 2007 at 10:51 pm

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bergen street was my stop, btw

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If you’re not familiar with Paul Ford’s ftrain, or, erm, you gave up on him after his 2 year disappearance from the scene, go back now. He’s apparently made a new year’s resolution or something to post every day… But he’s in rare form.

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January 12, 2007 at 12:38 pm

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Fantastic series, from simone leuck at the equally fantastic polar inertia, of cuban television sets photographed in their native environment.

Figuring out what to take away from these images is as hard, in a sense, as any of the questions that I’m usually at work on. Or, perhaps, these are in fact illustrations, partial ones of course, of exactly the problems that I am generally at work on.

For one thing, there’s the persistence-despite-apparent-obsolesence of the sets themselves, which, like the famous American cars left over from before the revolution, are metonyms of the temporal situation of the socialist experiment in Cuba.

I tried to watch a little Cuban tv tonight via this site, but I’m pretty sure what I was getting (some sort of travel documentary) wasn’t actually live.

Anyway, it’s hard to articulate what exactly it is about this sort of thing that I find so alluring. The phrase “the aesthetics of publicness” keeps coming to mind – that is perhaps another way to describe what it is that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately…

(For a discussion of pseudonymous blogging and the tendency to circumlocution and half-hintery when it comes to one’s “project,” among other things, see here…)

One other good reminder on polar inertia – a partial transcript of the infamous “kitchen debate” between Khrushchev and Nixon from 1959:

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January 12, 2007 at 12:16 am

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