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playmobil / brecht

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The first in a series of great moments in literature acted out by my daughter’s * Playmobil guys.

Bertolt Brecht, “Changing the Wheel”

I sit by the roadside
The driver changes the wheel.
I do not like the place I have come from.
I do not like the place I am going to.
Why with impatience do I
Watch him changing the wheel.

* I say “my daughter’s,” but others in my household might well disagree. I am, after all, taking pictures of them acting out moments mentioned in my manuscript in progress. There’s more to say – I really do feel like my time playing with this stuff when I was a kid might have had a major effect on my aesthetic and political bearings, the dissertation I wrote, the books that I am trying to write now. But that’s for another post…. The next one – spoiler warning – will do the montage sequence (“comices agricoles”) from Bovary

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January 10, 2007 at 2:29 am

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it’s come to that…

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I don’t really get to go see movies anymore, not since the kiddo. In the last 19 months, we’ve seen exactly 2 in the theater – fuckin’ V for Vendetta and fuckin’ Borat. Both profoundly disappointing – terrible enough to give up the game altogether. Just to recall the baroque calisthenics that we put ourselves through to see those floaters…

(What makes it so difficult is that movies show either at 7ish [before she goes to bed, and the babysitter arrives, if it’s Saturday] or 10ish [way too late for the babysitter]. So we, um, go to a bar and drink. Which is getting a wee bit old, I have to say. I think I speak for both of us…)

That said, we’re going to find a way to see Children of Men, though I’m worried that I’m going to be disappointed with that one as well. The front half of the trailer –

– looks quite brilliant. The second half, well, just doesn’t seem to live up to the oasis-cynicism of 28 Days Later. Do you know what I’m talking about? If not, please do rent the movie. Wonderful to make an apocalyptic horror movie (spoiler!) whose resolution suggests that the last thing we should want to do, when the genetic revision occurs and the neighbors have gone slaveringly vampiric, is to leap into the arms of our friendly local military men, in whose menage far worse nightmares ensue. Truly brave, or, at least, the genre let them sidestep the universal call for responsibility in filmmaking.

I’m hoping that it will be at least richly symptomatic. I mean what, after all, is the point of fantasizing predicting an end to human reproduction? And why are these things exclusively set in Britannia nowadays?

With hope, I’ll report back soon…

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January 10, 2007 at 2:07 am

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