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(go look over at the colonel’s and then come right back…)

I actually love hearing about this sort of stuff, as I’m constantly in search for raw plots to stage in class (or writing) as a backdrop for the non or complexly plotted stuff we take up. I.e. one wishes that one could order at the bookstore Generic Capitalist Romance for the students to buy and read before the start of the semester…

Dreaming of a socialism, but codedly, un-comprehended, confusedly, with deliberate blindness, packed into moralising notions of just desert and fairytale.

The happy ending: we know what it requires. The filmmakers’ can put a $ figure on it. But it can be imagined at once only as the miraculous reward for Prince and Princess Glamorous Deserving and movie fairy dust land, air-castle impossibility.

Just so. And what I can’t help taking away is the idea that if you just stripped the middle out of the before and after, the torques and twists of romance, you would have plotlessness, yes, and with it…. well… this legitimate desire…

(In short, this draws my eye because I am thinking about – almost exclusively at this point – the relationship between the political temporality of plot and the specter / promise of socialism. I am thinking about taking it right back to the Aristotle and trying to start anew. And, more broadly, I am trying to think carefully and honestly about what it is that the sort of thing I can write might actually do…)

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December 13, 2006 at 4:43 pm

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