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Well, sorry about that. The not posting I mean. The end of the semester has been particularly, insanely actually, rough for me this time around.

Relatedly, on the way home today I caught an NPR discussion on “burnout.”, from which I think I currently suffer, yes, just enough that I’ll say no more other than to note that it never ceases to amaze me, the American ability to discuss in depth workplace stresses while sidestepping, definitely yet subtly, any possible mention of political economy. All pills, all self-management, all Getting Things Done, all callers with advice to share gleaned from company-provided psychotherapists. All academics drawn from the ignoble branches like institutional psychology and related academicizations of “human resources,” for whom the issue is never, of course, the sanity and welfare of the burned-out worker, but the productivity losses for the corporation that come of it…

But never ever a matter of those old, obsolescent terms: intensification of labor and deskilling. No… anything but that….

I am, currently, most definitely in violation of my union’s rules. I have taken up a serious amount of extra work without due compensation. Obviously, I’m not talking about the very much expected extra work that comes with an academic career. I wish there was a union rep in the department who would step in and force me to comply with the contract, etc etc etc…

And of course, there’s the saddest and sickest issue of all: that I’m actually way more healthy, in a certain sense, in this condition than I am when the burden of incessant unrewarding work is lifted. Joy of Stress indeed. A few weeks ago, when things were going more smoothly, I was something of a mess. Now, there is no time to poke my head up and worry. My wife wanted me to go see a therapist. Now, I fall asleep on the couch from 7-10 every night, before resuming work, rather than clutching her sleeve and pouring out my unsolvable problems and irremediable issues. Sad. Sick.

Sorry. End of bellyache. For you, not for me. Regular service will resume shortly.

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December 1, 2006 at 1:56 am

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