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Another University is Possible!

According to Florida’s five-year plan for the college, the university will cut the English department’s budget for graduate students and adjunct faculty members by $120,000, or 16 percent, by the 2010-11 academic year. The plan would reduce the number of full-time faculty members to 51 from 60 and shrink the number of graduate teaching assistants to 54 from 59.

The number of faculty members in the department of Germanic and Slavic studies would drop to 14 from 20, and funds for graduate students and adjuncts would shrink to zero from $104,500 this year, according to the plan. The mathematics department would lose about six full-time faculty members and 10 graduate teaching assistants.

Under the plan, six departments — biology, botany, chemistry, criminology, psychology, and zoology — would receive increased funds for graduate teaching assistants and see a rise in full-time faculty members.

This is not good. It seems to be happening here as well, from what I can tell…

Mr. Ray said the news had prompted some professors to consider seeking jobs at other institutions. “This is potentially a reprise of Larry Summers and the humanities department,” he said, referring to the former president of Harvard University, whose emphasis of so-called hard sciences over liberal-arts disciplines had angered many faculty members at that institution.

Problem is, of course, that soon there’s not going to be jobs to seek at other institutions…

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September 5, 2006 at 11:15 am

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