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..put there. I deserve it, and actually really need it. Healthy for this sort of thing to happen. Really. It is. No, seriously, I can take it.

So I just now received an email from one of my undergrads, an exchange student, which I skimmed rather quickly, sniffing out the part where she says that one of my former students “told [her] that [my] class is really wonderful,” and that’s why she enrolled.

Hmmpf. But of course. You know, I try. Glad that they’re paying attention, glad that it registers, my enthusiasm and, well, wonderfulitude.

A minute or so later, I get another email from said exchange student. Apparently, the previous message was meant for one of my colleagues. No problem – we all make mistakes. I should have read it more closely. But on further inspection, sifting down to search out mention of my wonderfulness, I find, in the equivalent position in the new message, the fact that my former student “told [her] that [my] class is not that hard.”

Hmmpf. Err. OK. Yes, I try. I try very hard… not to be hard. Glad that it, um, registers…

Thanks, former student.

Written by adswithoutproducts

September 4, 2006 at 12:41 am

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  1. Oof. I had this open, trying to figure out how to comment on it; then decided not to. Now have decided to again.

    Students, good or otherwise, often confuse “easy” with “well-taught,” “interesting,” or “didn’t feel like work.” I’ve had C+ students say that my class was “easy.” When I asked them what they meant, they said “I looked forward to it” or “the assignments didn’t seem like busy-work.”

    So there’s a chance that this student isn’t commenting on the class itself so much as her experience of it, which she registered as “positive” and, hence, “easy.”

    Scott Eric Kaufmann

    September 5, 2006 at 3:31 pm

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