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in my place…

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..put there. I deserve it, and actually really need it. Healthy for this sort of thing to happen. Really. It is. No, seriously, I can take it.

So I just now received an email from one of my undergrads, an exchange student, which I skimmed rather quickly, sniffing out the part where she says that one of my former students “told [her] that [my] class is really wonderful,” and that’s why she enrolled.

Hmmpf. But of course. You know, I try. Glad that they’re paying attention, glad that it registers, my enthusiasm and, well, wonderfulitude.

A minute or so later, I get another email from said exchange student. Apparently, the previous message was meant for one of my colleagues. No problem – we all make mistakes. I should have read it more closely. But on further inspection, sifting down to search out mention of my wonderfulness, I find, in the equivalent position in the new message, the fact that my former student “told [her] that [my] class is not that hard.”

Hmmpf. Err. OK. Yes, I try. I try very hard… not to be hard. Glad that it, um, registers…

Thanks, former student.

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September 4, 2006 at 12:41 am

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shooting war

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Spent some time tonight making my way through this:

No Civilians.jpg

Nothing more than a link blog, nowadays, my site. But… were I to venture a read on this, I guess I’d say something like the graphic novel – especially a free, on-line one – seems to me a medium especially attuned to the current state of affairs. To impute the depth of more insistently discursive forms (a la the not-so-graphic novel) is automatically to generate alibis, libelous overestimations of the way things are. * This problem is encountered, as well, in works like Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, where the very effort to give the story shape is itself a mystification, and Conrad (as well as Marlow, to a certain, distracted degree) knows it… But this is underfed, and so, no, just a link blog tonite…

* The blog is one of the rare forms that match the graphic novel in its highly attuned depthlessness…

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September 4, 2006 at 12:21 am

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