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And just as we can’t stop apologizing for ourselves, for our childishness, we also can’t stop talking about children. Over at Maxims & Reflections, a fantastic post that pushes us down the path toward why.

Here’s M&R:

In these deceptively simple pictures, Greenberg has captured something of the current emotional weather in middle-class America. Everybody feels bad. Everybody knows something is wrong. But no one knows enough in the way of facts to say just what is wrong and, if they did, they would have to admit staggering and horrific truths about how their lives are sustained and indeed how their children’s lives are threatened…

M&R also takes up the issue of the violence involved in making these photographs. Perhaps the passage from John Berger that I had on here recently might be a valuable gloss. Or, these images and this post a valuable gloss on the Berger.

. . . For the phtographer this means thinking of her or himself not so much as a reporter to the rest of the world but, rather, as a recorder for those involved in the events photographed. The distinction is crucial.

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July 27, 2006 at 10:38 pm

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