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Arthur Danto, “Whatever Happened to Beauty,” The Nation, March 30, 1992:

I wish that in preparing my own contribution I had remembered something the painted Brice Marden said in the course of an interview with his peer Pat Steir: “The idea of beauty can be offensive…. It doesn’t deal with issues; political issues or social issues. But an issue that it does deal with is harmony,” For I would then have realized the degree to which social and political issues are today framed in terms of disharmony, of strife and conflict and confrontation, when in truth the great political visions have been precisely of the harmonious society, and it would be difficult to think of a more exact criterion of political health than harmony. I might then have proposed that every beautiful work can be viewed as an allegory of political well-being, and disharmonious work as allegorical of social pathology.

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