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Eight years ago tonight (not literally, I have no idea the real date, but in soccer time) I was on the metro from Rue Oberkampf to the Champs Elysées. A guy exposed his pecker to my wife and I – obviously this would be a problem on any other night, but it was OK, in the spirit of things that night. We got there, touched pavement, and went home. Too f’n crazy. (We heard on the news the next day that someone had driven over like 20 people there…) We did learn a little song that still rings out, always rings out, in our household during moments of particular exhilaration: On a gagné, on a gagné, on a, on a, on a gagné…

But not tonight.

And predictably, the chumpikins americanos are all over it. Over on some crap site or other:

World Cup Observation [John Podhoretz]
Instead of playing the match and losing, why didn’t France simply surrender the way it always does?

(Via Wolcott)

Well, John, perhaps you’ve got a point. After all the US did live up to its recent military precedent: 0 wins, 1 draw (Korea), 2 loses (Vietnam, Iraq).

Perhaps I’m calling the match at the 75th minute, but, shit, things don’t look good for our team, no?

Anyway, the question of the hour, of course, is what exactly happened here:

UPDATE: ah ha…

Materazzi denies calling Zidane ‘terrorist

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July 10, 2006 at 2:21 am

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