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A four-year-old Albany boy was left alone at home and tumbled out of a screened 11th-floor apartment window early Friday morning. He bounced off a metal awning at the front of the apartment building and landed in its courtyard.

After that, he tried to stand up and started talking with cops who rushed to the scene after reports of a child crying.

In a sadly ironic twist, the boy ended up in the same pediatric intensive care unit where his 21-year-old mom works as a receptionist.

She initially told authorities she’d left her son at home with a babysitter, but later admitted he was home alone.

The kid cracked his skull and broke his leg, but appears to be alert and basically intact.

“He’s talking and stabilizing,” Albany Police Chief James Tuffey said at a news conference.

From Sploid.

Glad to see that the young lad has learned the same lesson that (presumably) mom has – i.e. how to pick himself up, dust himself off, and get back to business. Ah, the invigorating effects of mandatory self-suffiiciency.Thanks, Bill!

(For future consideration: If there weren’t any public housing complexes, no four-year-olds would fall out of public housing complex windows, right? New Orleans, if not Albany, received the memo….)

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July 8, 2006 at 10:03 pm

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