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foucault / chomsky on larry king

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Now that would be something, eh? Not quite that, but not altogether different either:

Via threequarksdaily:

(The second part of the show is available here…)

Two things.

1) I’d never seen video of Foucault before. Strange. And strange how it changes your sense of someone once you have seen footage.

2) I found myself wondering, as I watched this, if my own work / ideas / findings could be spelled out as succinctly as Chomsky and Foucault do here. That’s not normally how we think (are taught to think) about things in the subfield of “theory.” Can’t just read extracts. Summary doesn’t do justice. There is a point to be made performatively by not reducing to the sound bite. Right? But – oh is it ever obvious, I know – there’s something to this. How many of us could pull it off today?

(Quite possibly I’m just sharing the echoes of what it’s like to draw near the end of (a first draft of???) your first book. Which is my day job, right now. I’m cramping crazily on the last few pages – there’s so much more to be said! Why can’t I stop hiding behind the particulars and just say what it is that I’ve been samizdating all along? Would it even work? Is there a point? Or just hithering thithering ambiguity / complexity?

The next book, I hope, will be simpler….)

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July 6, 2006 at 10:53 pm

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