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Wow. I’m really jealous and a little depressed. Maybe in seventeen years.

I’ll be let’s see 45 or 46 or so. Hmmmpfff…

Boy am I ever being cheesy tonite. Where I’ve been* – but obviously not in one shot like these folks.

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* Keeping myself honest, I’m not counting the hours spent in the glorious Incheon Airport in South Korea. Though I did spend some serious won in hyper-fetishy little shops there, stacked and color-coordinated to the hilt. Pharmacies that would fit in my bathroom etc… You have to leave the airport for it to count, right? So I am counting a few hours in Malmo, Sweden on the way to Copenhagen when I was 19. All I can really remember is that the chewing tobacco was displayed as prominently as the cigarettes in the appropriate stores, which struck me as funny and not at all what you’d expect. Uruguay was just an afternoon’s expedition to Colonia from BA. And I didn’t obviously spend months and months in Luxembourg either…

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July 5, 2006 at 12:51 am

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