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I’m a fan of the show, I have to admit. And this makes me feel a bit better about it. I think.

In season five, corrupt President Logan begins by engineering a war in the Middle East to secure oil revenues (imagine!) and ends up in bed with terrorists aiming nuclear missiles at California. Liberal fans are less delighted by the question of Bauer’s cavalier attitude to the Geneva Conventions; his interrogations are closer to the MO of Guantanamo or extraordinary rendition than would seem proper for the good guy.

‘There are aspects of 24 where I love its politics and aspects where I hate them,’ says Sutherland, though he doesn’t usually exercise his executive control over the storylines. ‘My input is that if it’s going in a direction I really don’t like, then I will say something and we’ll work together, but the writers and production staff are upstairs and we don’t usually interact.’

He describes his politics as ‘liberal, with common sense’; his mother, actress Shirley Douglas, was the daughter of Tommy Douglas, leader of Canada’s New Democratic party, ‘the first socialist to come to power in North America’, as Sutherland proudly describes him.

Or, you could just watch this:

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July 4, 2006 at 11:02 am

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