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According to wikipedia, the famous distinction in Barthes’s Camera Lucida goes something like this:

The book develops the twin concepts of studium and punctum: studium denoting the cultural, linguistic, and political interpretation of a photograph, punctum denoting the wounding, personally touching detail which establishes a direct relationship with the object or person within it.

Wounding, yes.

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Not much older than my daughter, and there’s that, what is it on his overalls? An elephant? A chicken? The head of a cartoon dog or bear? Can’t stop imagining the scene of the purchase of these overalls, for some reason. Was it after the start of the war? Or mightn’t they be handmedowns from the older brother? Purchasing clothes for children: a ceremony of innocence so pure that it leaves “ceremony” behind altogether.

(Do you have the same feeling as me about this sort of post? Have you been here before? The stupidity of it, the hypocrisy of it? Big fucking deal, you and your tears in your office when nobody’s there! You and your goddamned blogpost! But, behind it all, what? Some sort of, what is it, faith that the sheer weight of images might one day, what?, smother all of this out? But you know that it is unlikely, maybe even impossible. Believe you me, I understand the uselessness of this post. No need to let me know.)

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