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Following up on my last post about the Sopranos, in tonight’s episode, Tony’s deathbed hallucination has him living some sort of alternative life, sanitized, without the violence of his “real” personality (he’s beaten up by a Buddhist monk, takes shit from hoteliers, etc…), and, from what we can tell from his calls home, with a happier family waiting for him back in Jersey.

So he’s gone straight…

But, we note, in the sanitized version of Tony’s life, he is an arms dealer by profession – selling optics systems to the US military, apparently.


There is no outside, Chase seems to be telling us. Even our fantasies of “clean” existence partake, as if inevitably, necessarily, of the filthy logic of expropriation, exploitation, and cinematic violence.

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March 20, 2006 at 2:15 am

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