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Check this out. Even as the media catches up with the idea that we’ve been lied to, they still constantly avoid the question why we were lied to. For instance, Wolf Blitzer interviewing former Powell chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson today on CNN:

BLITZER: Let me ask you this question about WMD, because you and Colin Powell were directly involved in this. We asked this question the other day in our CNN-“USA-Today”-Gallup poll: “Did the Bush administration deliberately — deliberately mislead public” — the public — “on weapons of mass destruction?”

Fifty-one percent of the American public say yes, 46 percent say no.

And I’ll pose the question to you: Did the Bush administration deliberately mislead the American public on WMD?

WILKERSON: Wolf, there’s no question in my mind now after looking back at is as an academic, doing research over this last year or two, and my time in the State Department, there’s no doubt in my mind that certain members of the Bush administration did in fact politicize the intelligence, did cherry-pick the intelligence..


WILKERSON: I would put at the top of that list Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, in the Pentagon, who was more or less the planner, if you will, if you can use that term, for post- invasion Iraq.

BLITZER: Who else? WILKERSON: I would also include in that list people like the vice president, who made statements that were simply egregious in terms of their error and in terms of their continued error over time.

Continuing to state the connection between al Qaeda and Baghdad when, in fact, the intelligence community and everyone I knew that had any expertise in the area had taken that down long before the vice president quit saying it.

WILKERSON: With all due respect to Doug Feith, he’s not the vice president of the United States.

BLITZER: Doug Feith is not the vice president of the United States, but Doug Feith was a principle — if not the principle key planner for post-invasion Iraq.

BLITZER: And so what about Rumsfeld, who was his boss, Wolfowitz, who was his boss. What about them?

WILKERSON: Wolfowitz as deputy secretary of defense probably did not do all that he could to make sure that the intelligence picture was as the intelligence community was rendering it.

The interview goes on a bit past this, touching on the “Powell problem,” etc… But the one question that Blitzer won’t or can’t ask is why exactly Wilkerson thinks Feith and Cheney and Wolfowitz lied… What was in it for them? Why would they want to wage war without cause?

The television would quite simply explode were they to head down this path. But they won’t… Have no fear…

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March 17, 2006 at 10:55 pm

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