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Hurry up please it’s time

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Well, this is the end of the road for Cultural Revolution. There’s just no time left, after real world work and infant care, to give this site (or long sunday) the attention that they deserve.
And there’s a larger problem… A problem with the blog format itself. While there certain are many advantages to this format – the lack of barriers to entry, possibility that the readership might be broadened, and most importantly interactivity – there is also a significant limitation.
When you start up a site like this one, interact with other sites, you quickly develop a sort of addiction to instant response. You post and wait for comments, you comment elsewhere and wait for other comments, angry rejoinders, etc… The issue is always speed, rapid flux and flow. It is a form for a culture afflicted with a collective case of attention deficit disorder – a disorder, we all know down deep, is not a disorder at all but an adaptation to the current state of affairs.
(I have a secret theory that more blogging and commenting happens drunk than sober… Cracking open a can of beer at 1 AM and clicking through to your antagonist’s site touch the same nerve, electrify the same synapse that is absolutely thrilled that there’s something to DO at 1 AM after the tedium of the day…Budweiser should start running the same adds it matches with NHL games on blogs…)
Problem is – this isn’t how good work gets done… It’s not the right way to orient yourself toward your world. If I try to teach my students one thing, it is to take their time with the books I assign. Not to skip over the inconsistencies and points of strangeness. I’m not sure, in the long run, if attempts to move the world of thought on-line, at least if they follow the formats that are now prevalent, won’t in fact be giving the world exactly what it doesn’t need when it most needs what it doesn’t want.
This is not going to be an easy problem to solve. I rarely read long posts. I suspect that I am not alone. It’s not as simple as going to long format pieces. The medium itself though slopes toward the punchy, the graphic, and the confrontational. There’s always something shorter to read, with an angrier comment thread to join.
I may be back one day. Who knows – I might start a new site tomorrow.
So thanks for reading, and good luck especially to the Long Sunday crew…
Cultural Revolution will be down in a day or two… And you can take me, please, of the LS roster, whoever is responsible for that sort of thing…

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October 11, 2005 at 12:45 am

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