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Only because all the cool kids are doing it…
Picture 1.png
Let’s see… My current campus is a mod monstrosity – nothing like the picture – though this looks rather like my graduate institution (tho if this was meant to be me as a grad student, the lip grimace should have been even more pronounced…)
Actually gets the clothes rather right, this. I’ve opted in my 6 weeks as a proper faculty member for the sportcoat over open-collared shirt look. Which, when I’m honest with myself, is in my mind connected with a certain NYC intellectual disheveledness that, really, when I get right down to business, is probably swiped from the Hitch on my part. Whatever, just can’t bring myself to wear a tie, cause it brings back catholic school like choking acid reflux…
You can make yr own legoself here

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October 7, 2005 at 12:50 am

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