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Maybe he missed the fedex

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that held last weeks talking points for liberal media plants, or maybe someone just had to give the “thinking man’s conservative” a talking to about too much thinking man, not enough conservative…
But, have no fear, Brooks is back:

So of course we need limited but energetic government. But liberals who think this disaster is going to set off a progressive revival need to explain how a comprehensive governmental failure is going to restore America’s faith in big government.

Hate to think what his masters and minders have in mind when it comes to “energetic government” but I think AvW is starting to figure it out
(Oh, and while we’re in the land of the Worden: who knew that the CIA takes Mac over PC. Think different indeed…)

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September 11, 2005 at 11:12 pm

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Market Update

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Anyone else notice lately that there’s been a run on human lives in the market of public opinion?

Administration officials have maintained that the U.S. needs to try to develop a nuclear warhead that would be capable of destroying deeply buried targets including bunkers tunneled into solid rock.
But opponents said that its benefits are questionable and that such a warhead would cause extensive radiation fallout above ground killing thousands of people. And they say it may make it easier for a future president to decide to use the nuclear option instead of a conventional weapon.
The Senate voted 53-43 to include $4 million for research into the feasibility of a bunker-buster nuclear warhead. Earlier this year, the House refused to provide the money, so a final decision will have to be worked out between the two chambers.

From here.
What infection, what ideological pestilence, informs the first, wrong step of response: just thousands? unless we get to tens of thousands, or better yet hundreds, we’re not yet at the level of the serious.
An upping of the ante has been going on. 9/11, Iran earthquake, tsunami, NOLA… (the first and the last, because we’re talking ‘Merican lives, count treble or even more…)

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September 11, 2005 at 2:40 am

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