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Crappy boats

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Woke to another in Friedman’s series A rising tide lifts all boats, but they ain’t gonna be carnival cruise ships, kay?

According to Friedman, the Celtic Tiger has got Anglomerican DNA, and Rhenish old France and Germany had better listen up…

It is obvious to me that the Irish-British model is the way of the future, and the only question is when Germany and France will face reality: either they become Ireland or they become museums. That is their real choice over the next few years – it’s either the leprechaun way or the Louvre.

Ha! “Leprechaun way or the Louvre!” Ahem…

Anyway, just wanted to refer you to a nice post over at Crooked Timber, where Henry points out the fact that um, Friedman’s got Ireland wrong:

Ireland is not an exemplar of the “Anglo Saxon model.” For evidence, take a look at this recent paper by Lane Kenworthy, which argues convincingly that Ireland doesn’t fit well into either the Anglo-Saxon ‘liberal market economy’ or Rhenish ‘coordinated model economy’ models. Point two: Ireland is an especially poor fit with the Anglo-Saxon model in the area of labour market policy, a fact which rather undercuts the argument Friedman is trying to make. Again, Dr. Kenworthy:

beginning in the late 1980s and continuing throughout the 1990s, [Ireland] has had a highly coordinated system of wage setting (Baccaro and Simoni 2004). In addition, Ireland has higher levels of employment and unemployment protection than other liberal market economies and longer median job tenure (Estevez-Abe et al. 2001, pp. 165, 168, 170).

Mr. Clash of Generalizations doesn’t let his Big Picture Propagandeering get sidetracked by silly old economy things like fact, reality…

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