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From the New York Times: Obrador_1

A capital typically clogged with traffic was thronged Sunday by
hundreds of thousands of people who marched into the main plaza to
protest a government effort against Mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador
that threatens to force him out of next year’s presidential elections.

police estimated that more than one million people participated in the
march. Aides to the mayor estimated that there were 750,000 people.
Several political observers described it as the biggest in the
country’s recent history.

And this:

Unlike most other demonstrations, there was no real disorder or
rowdiness. And people covered their mouths with hospital masks and
marched without chanting.

"Our silence says everything," read many of the banners that floated above the crowds.

And this from the Guardian:

Yesterday’s "march of
silence" recalled a 1968 student demonstration of the same name which
took place a few weeks before a massacre of students which crushed the
pro-democracy movement.

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