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Cargo Containers, Elizabeth NJ

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(Perhaps a followup to the previous followup…) Took my Nan to Newark Airport today – she stopped here on the way to see the folks where they live. And of course was treated to the fantastic perspective that the NJ turnpike provides upon the material remainder (reminder?) of the US trade deficit. The piles and piles of cargo containers that come full of the bountry of the world, but never leave. It is cheaper, apparently, to rent acre after acre of NJ swamp-land and simply let them rust than to disassemble them, sell them for scrap.


The last (and first) time I was in northern California, I was amazed by the fact that you could actually see the fault-lines. Drive right through them, over them, on US 1.



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April 16, 2005 at 12:51 am

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