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On Leaving New York II

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When I was in high school, we would read the Village Voice
classified ads and talk a lot of crap about how we were going to forget college
(never an option, really) and get one of the $700 a month places in the West
Village and write poetry or whatever.


By the time I got back in the area, after college, there
weren’t any $700 a month places left. Not by a long shot. The Giuliani era had
begun… The streets were suddenly clean and safe… The City had changed.


My wife and I lived at first outside of the City, in a
distant suburb, because that’s where I was going to grad school. We’d go in to
look at the museums, hang around a little bit. And then we started to have
friends that lived there… A fellow grad student’s dead grandmother was a famous
artist in her time and had a retrospective at the Whitney, whose opening we
were invited to, whose after-party we attended. A brighter life than we’d ever
imagined – we were jealous, determined. We’d head in and have dinner and drinks
but had to make the last train home. Everything was so tempting. And so we
moved to Brooklyn… A tiny little apartment not far from
the Brooklyn Heights promenade, where, just as I had in my youth, we’d stare at the City from afar,
but also from the City itself…


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March 4, 2005 at 2:30 am

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