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Archive for February 19th, 2005

Berger on Poverty

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Charlotte Street links to a brilliant piece by John Berger on poverty from Open Democracy.

It’s just fantastic. Pretty jaded, have been reading too much, in fact the eyes seem to be starting to go in the way that they will at this point in an academic career. But Berger hits hard, right in the head and heart (whichever order…)

Take this paragraph, near the end:

Here the future’s unique gift is desire. The future
induces the spurt of desire towards itself. The young are more flagrantly young
than on the other side of the wall. The gift appears as a gift of nature in all
its urgency and supreme assurance. Religious and community laws still apply.
Indeed amongst the chaos which is more apparent than real, these laws become
real. Yet the silent desire for procreation is incontestable and overwhelming.
It is the same desire that will forage for food for the children and then seek,
sooner or later, (best sooner) the consolation of fucking again. This is the
future’s gift.

I’m not sure Berger’s not the left writer most worthy of emulation today. That’s what I can’t help but think each time I dip in…. God, the brilliant dictional drop in the second to last sentence. Makes you feel as though you’re reading the word "fuck" again for the first time – or that’s been transfigured somehow into something it hasn’t been nearly forever…

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February 19, 2005 at 1:59 am

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Mr. Brown’s Neighborhood

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OK, please don’t take this as a horrifying burst of naivete, because it’s not. Let it be clearly stated: I am fully aware of the near collapse of U.S. television news, and print journalism, in the last half-decade. I’ll say it again: I am fully aware of the near collapse of U.S. television news, and print journalism, in the last half-decade.

I don’t really watch Aaron Brown’s show on CNN anymore, not since the election anyway. He’s always been a bit of a mixed bag – actually does hard news / often lashes out jingoistically or repeats the idee recue of the day. Not a great program, by any means, but a little better than the usual stuff.

But I flip over to Brown’s show tonight, and what do I find. Here are the big stories of the night:

1) Rise of poker on television and the internet
2) "After three days of intensive hearings, the FDA says three pain
medications are safe enough to use despite their links to heart risk."
3) "The Marines are investigating the death of a West Virginia boy who drowned at boot camp at Paris Island.  His parents want answers, understandably, after they saw the tape of
what preceded their son’s death, pictures shot by CNN affiliate WIS in
Charleston, South Carolina and reported by our Jason Bellini." (OK – this one was pretty good…) Leads into allegations of sex abuse in the military (US on US, of course, not Gitmo / Abu G. style)
4) Endless two segment-long interview with NBA commisioner David Stern (???)

What’s going on here? Feels as though (though I have no real evidence) Brown’s taken a ratings nosedive and the powers that be have asked him to straighten up and Zahn-ify his show… Wonder if that’s what’s happening?

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February 19, 2005 at 1:39 am

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What I Heard About Iraq

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Eliot Weinberger, "What I Heard about Iraq," London Review of Books (2/3/05)

I know others mentioned / linked to this back when it appeared at the beginning of the month, but I just got to it today. Terrific piece – and very much worthy of clipping into a Word document for your archive.

Better yet, print it out, fold it up, pry up a floorboard in the place you live, and hide it there…
The way things are going, when we’re all scribbling in our journals just outside of the gaze of the Screen (or so we thought), it’ll provide some nice material for the first chapter…

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February 19, 2005 at 1:15 am

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