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Driven to Incoherence (They / He, We / I)

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We can anticipate the response. (There will be no response). The particular, the deviant – not so much a deviation from the norm (in which, we know, the norm always plays puppet-master) but something from outside the system altogether. The "work of a solitary individual" or at least "individuals." Orders ignored, or there was at least a problem in transmission. Authorities are investigating the problem – the crime.

Take a look. (Via pas au-dela). Before it disappears someone should print it all out…

The whole thing balanced on the ability to make a he and a he and a he into a they, but to keep our we uncontaminated, know that this particular he (or he or he) is never we. Certainly never I.

With the photograph, the they slips closer to the he. The you. But not, apparently, close enough. Or too close, and thus the captions, which push the images back to the range of someone else’s joke.

Was dis my head?
that was one hell of a speed bump
splater’s worsethen hitting a cow at 50 in a 72′ pickup
ok im not cleaning hat up

And what do I do but post this? Seriously?

The link will be closed down in a few days and then everything will be OK, OK?

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January 28, 2005 at 11:20 pm

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  1. What to do with this?

    Via Cultural Revolution, this horrifying link. Warning: graphic shots of what happens to people’s bodies in war. It’s the captions that are horrifying. And yet, who am I to tell soldiers how to cope with doing what they’re doing? I

    New Kid on the Hallway

    January 29, 2005 at 1:26 am

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