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Sorry if I’ve been light on the posting lately. What’s been sucking my life away for the past, um, seven months has in the last burst into a full-time gig. Academic job getting. There’s been the preparing the applications, mailing the applications out, prep for the MLA interviews, the MLA interviews themselves, job talk preparation, and now we’re in the Month of Call Backs.

This are going well, I think. We’ll see…  At any rate, everything will be over in a week or so. At least on my end. And then I just wait to hear if / where I’m moving…

So I’ve been doing the flyback circuit lately – feeling a little bit like weird sort of consultant with my suit from Men’s Wearhouse (but it’s the Chelsea Men’s Wearhouse, a little different than the one dad would have shopped at) and my roller bag. Mini-bars seem more affordable in the wake of a job well done. Or at least done…

We’ll see. But sorry about the light posting. I’ll be back on the ball in a week or so…

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January 17, 2005 at 12:13 am

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