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Starve the Beast: Pell Grants

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From the NYT today, two paragraphs down deep in "Students to Bear More of the Cost of College":

Painful though it may be, supporters of the new rules say, trimming
back on awards has its benefits, especially for future students.

and lawmakers on all sides have long agreed that the maximum Pell
Grant, currently set at $4,050 a year, is wholly inadequate given
today’s college costs. But, supporters of the changes say, unless there
is a serious effort to scale back the program, whose costs have been
exceeding lawmakers’ appropriations for it, Congress may never be in a
position to give larger awards to the poorest of students, who need
them the most.

This isn’t a bait and switch, right? I mean, don’t think I’m not thankful that you’re saving Social Security for us, and that I got such a proportionally huge-tax cut like you promised, and it makes me feel better that the War on Terror for Universal Freedom… that the War is almost over, right after Baghdad transitional government Falluja the elections come in January. But would it just be possible to get this in writing – the fact that the current Pell Grant rollback is only a stepping stone to a new and improved Pell Grant system, targetted at those who need it most???

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December 23, 2004 at 9:00 am

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