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Beijing Pizza Hut

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Salad_barBoing Boing has a post up on something that I saw in Beijing – have never seen anyone else mention it.

Wife and I, paralyzed with hunger in Beijing one day, actually ate at a Pizza Hut. (Actually… we ate at Pizza Hut a few times in China, OK… Leave me only, foodie dorks…)

Seated near the salad bar – not all that different from the salad bars at PH at home – we noticed something rather peculiar. Folks weren’t just calmly slopping their salads together as at home (mom always used to drop the choco pudding on top of it all – what’s up with that?)… No, they were building frigging pyramids of fruit and veg, towers obelisks of pineapple, etc… Thing is, everyone was doing it – just seemed to be part of the PH experience over there… Could help but laugh – folks would work in pairs, one supporting the plate, and the other building. Literally – no overstatement – they’d spend 20 or so minute on the whole thing.

Now I learn the secret – they’re only allowed one trip…

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December 10, 2004 at 11:09 pm

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