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Matt Yglesias, linking to a Sullivan post, discusses here the "’secret sin’ theory of politics."

People become social conservatives because they worry that without the
long arm of the state holding them back, they would instantly turn into
degenerates. Or, at least, "red America" is disproportionately
interested in state enforcement of traditional sexual norms because
these are actually the areas most plagued with sex-related social
pathologies. It’s an idea that can be turned around. According to the
"secret sin" theory, people become liberals because they worry that
without the long arm of the state reaching into their pockets, they
would instantly turn into selfish bastards who never lift a finger (or
spare a dime) for the poor. And, indeed, it’s true that the red states
are more charitable than the blue ones.

And then today, this astounding passage in the Times’s How to Sell a Candidate to a Porsche-Driving, Leno-Loving Nascar Fan.

The data also yielded unexpected insights. One of the shows most popular with Republicans, especially Republican women ages 18 to 34, turned out to be "Will & Grace," the sitcom about gay life in New York. As a result, while Mr. Bush was shoring up his conservative credentials by supporting a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, his advertising team was buying time on a program that celebrates gay culture.
The Bush team broadcast commercials 473 times on "Will & Grace" in markets across the country from Jan. 1 to Nov. 2, according to the Wisconsin project. (The Kerry campaign broadcast commercials 859 times on the show.)

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December 6, 2004 at 9:23 am

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