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Why it’d be fruitless for our side to bring Jesus into it

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…because it’s not really about Jesus. Never has been, never will be.

Brilliant post today on William Gibson’s (yes, that William Gibson) brilliant blog:

Re Creationism, I must point out an unfortunate
subtext that’s no longer quite so obvious. Having grown up in the
previous iteration of the rural American south, I know that what
*really* smarted about Darwin, down there, was the logical implication
that blacks and whites are descended from a common ancestor. Butt-ugly,
but there it is. That was the first objection to evolutionary theory
that I ever heard, and it was a very common one, in fact the most
common. That it was counter to Genesis seemed merely convenient, in the
face of an anthropoid grand-uncle in the woodpile.

Like the man says: Look at those cavemen go.

Jesus is a language people use to talk about things that are difficult to say out loud. Things we certainly don’t want to find ourselves saying…

One other thing: how much of the mo behind the newest FCC – broadcast scandal comes of the fact that we’ve got a white woman here (as nude as any actress in a shampoo comercial) throwing herself at a big black football star. At this craziness simply a reprise of the Superbowl breast-incident, which involved a white male and a black female… Darwinism at its worst…

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November 17, 2004 at 7:52 pm

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