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“Well, he’s dead now.”

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So there’s another tape today… A marine killing an injured
Iraqi “insurgent” (?), apparently in retribution for feigning death….

What do we make of the distinction between the
“deliberateness” of “their” video releases – from 9/11 through Daniel Pearl to
the OBL videos to the most recent beheadings – and the “inadvertent” nature of
ours? The shock-and-awe decimation of

the fraternity initiation rites at Abu Giraib, and now, this? On our side, an
archive of “collateral damage,” the “cost” and/or “fog” of war. On theirs, staging…


Something to think about, the intentional vs. the
inadvertent. Is this yet another factor in the logic of “asymmetrical warfare”?

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November 16, 2004 at 11:37 pm

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