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Lars Arrhenius

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Looks like something to see, this exhibition of Lars Arrhenius’s stuff at Feigen Contemporary Gallery. (Be sure to check out the Quicktime version of the image at the left – it’s a still from a video animation…)

What is it about these international symbol people that’s so wonderful? Do they show the worst of what we are today (conformity, alienation, depersonalization) or the best (order, benevolent anonymity, the sunny side of the everyday?)

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November 13, 2004 at 4:48 pm

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Just a few paragraphs from the Times today… Reminder of where exactly we are:

First, the last sentence from an article entitled "Rights Experts See Possibility of a War Crime," which reports that US Troops sent refugees back into Falluja – a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Because the United States has refused to take part in the International
Criminal Court, it is unclear whether American troops could be held

Next, the explanation of one Ohioan who voted for Bush despite her apparent sense the economy’s not fairing very well. (From "In an Ohio Town, Same-Sex Marriage Ban Brings Tensions to Surface")

"Many Democrats I know are fearful about the economy, but I feel that
if you go back to the basics, things will fix themselves," said Marla
Krak, a mother of three who said she believed that homosexuality was a

Finally, from a report on the gleeful meeting of the Federalist Society this week in the wake of Bush’s victory.

Mr. Ashcroft had many in the crowd rapturous when he criticized
judges who, he said, refused to recognize that they did not have the
power to limit the president’s authority to conduct a war against

"The danger I see here," he said, "is that
intrusive judicial oversight and second-guessing of presidential
determinations in these critical areas can put at risk the very
security of our nation in a time of war."

Mr. Ashcroft did not
identify any judges or courts, but his complaint suggested criticism of
Judge James Robertson of the Federal District Court here. On Monday,
Judge Robertson halted a war-crimes trial before a military commission
at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, invoking the Geneva Conventions as one reason
for doing so. The government appealed on Friday.

Just so we remember where we’re at, and where we’re headed.

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November 13, 2004 at 9:58 am

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